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Archive: 7 April 2012


Queensland Weekender

Nobby is a tiny town 38 kilometres south of Toowoomba and has been called home by some famous Australians. One is Sister Elizabeth Kenny who pioneered a ground breaking treatment for polio in the 1930’s. She’s honoured at the Sister Elizabeth Kenny Memorial Museum. To visit the museum you can pick up a key from the local pub.

Queensland Weekender

Rudd's Pub was built in 1893 and is a shrine to the work of another famous local. Author Arthur Hoey Davis, better known as Steele Rudd who wrote the famous 'Dad & Dave' and 'On Our Selection' stories.

Queensland Weekender

You can Immerse yourself in the wonderful photographic collection and memorabilia that adorns the walls and you can dine in the Heritage Lounge where folklore says that Steele Rudd sat while writing his "Dad & Dave" stories.

Queensland Weekender

Rudd’s Pub has wonderful accommodation and a stay in one of their newly refurbished rooms comes complete with breakfast.

Queensland Weekender

Nobby is also home to ‘Vintage Affairs’ that houses Louise Kennedy’s amazing collection of vintage fashion and memorabilia. The social history museum offers a nostalgic walk through the country’s fashion heritage from the 1900’s to the 1960’s.

Rudd’s Pub
45 Tooth Street, Nobby
(07) 46963211

Vintage Affairs
(07) 46963376

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